A self portrait with fun text


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Welcome Halshere

Made a magazine cover for myself for an assignment. I love the team Cloud 9 and would love to join them someday. As a player or producer, I just wanna join them to have the proud title of Cloud 9. The name Halshere is the name I put for every game i play on and […]

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4 Elements of Hip Hop

I love the old hip hop. Where the 4 elements were glorified. Made this in honor of the 4 elements. Back in the days where graffiti was encouraged instead of frowned upon, where bboying was the new thing, where rappers spit the truth instead of false realities that lead nowhere, where djs played to inspire […]

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Legend Book Cover

The only book that isn’t a comic/manga that I’ve read cover to cover. It was honestly a wonderful book and i encourage folks to read it. The cover itself I made for project and loved it to be honest

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